Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In need of online ESL tutors

Hi all! There are some online academies looking for qualified ESL tutors to work for them. Below are some of them and their details. I will post the rest as soon as I get more details from them. Good luck! :)

  • CNN Korea ESL Online Services is looking for qualified and committed online tutors.

  1. Full-time Online Teaching for Koreans. 
  2. Applicants must be 20-45 years old. 
  3. College level, graduate or up are welcome to apply 
  4. Neutral/American accent prefer 
  5. Must have a good command in English, able to teach oral communication, grammar, TOEFL, TOIEC and proofreading essays. Free Talking Conversation. 
Please add edithe.65 on Skype for your initial interview

  • Home-based online ESL tutors needed
  1. You must have a good British, American or Neutral accent
  2. A reliable and high-speed Internet connection
  3. A webcam and a headset
  4. A quiet environment to work in
  5. Your own computer
Please add konglish07 on Skype and send your resume, 1 minute audio file and a picture of you wearing a headset. 

  • ACE Online Academy

  1. Female
  2. Must be a college degree level
  3. Must be proficient in English (written and oral)
  4. Online ESL teaching is a plus
  5. Must be enthusiastic, punctual, passionate, responsible, and culturally sensitive
  6. Must have DSL or broadband connection with an Internet speed of at least 1Mbps + Skype with complete headset and webcam 
  7. With good teaching skills (Must have a passion for teaching students of all ages)
  8. Must work in a quiet environment
If interested, please send your resume to amethyst_1925@yahoo.com. Please indicate the time you are available for interview and time available to teach. Please add len_1925 on Skype or indicate your Skype ID in your resume. 



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