Thursday, February 24, 2011

My student is a low beginner. Where and how do I start?

One way or another, we have or perhaps will experience teaching a student who is a low beginner. Generally, low beginners are described as having limited comprehension skills, communication, and vocabulary. They have difficulty understanding sentences despite repeating and altering the words. And so with this in mind, the question now is where should you start?

Based on my experience, I started the lessons with basic vocabulary. Before your student can understand grammar concepts it is important to familiarize them first with English words. You could follow a book or you could also base it on a theme. For instance, vocabulary words related to clothing, transportation, or occupation can be a good start. Basic English conversations can also be introduced. You could teach them about greetings, introductions or even how to express likes and dislikes. Once you see that your student has shown improvement and is knowledgeable about basic vocabulary words, then you can advance to the first steps of grammar.

Handling low beginners can be challenging because this kind of setting will test your effectiveness as an instructor. This may be a chance to assess yourself to find out how efficient you are in delivering the lessons to your students. Good luck! ^ ^

Helpful resource for ideas on basic English conversation for low beginners: ESLgold


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